GeoCenter Møns Klint


Experience the birth of Denmark

Experience the birth of Denmark at GeoCenter Møns Klint. Computer animations describes the process of how an incredibly long time ago, the old chalk sea bottom rose above the sea, and the chalk emerged creating the fascinating cliffs where today the centre is located -only 2,5 km from the campground.

Traces of life from that age can be found in the form og fossils both at the centre`s treasured collection and also on the sea shore, if you keep your eyes amd mind open !! If you find it difficult to see detail without a magnifying glass then see images magnified up to 60.000 times inside the centre. Actually, there are many fun things to learn at the centre and you can also bring your fossils to our Fossil- workshop at the campground or to the reception, where the staff can help you desribe you foundings. Every stone has a story to tell !!

Klintevej 544
DK-4791 Borre Møn
+45 5581 2025