Our philosophy


Welcome to our world that is waiting to be discovered by you
“Our philosophy builds on giving individual space and freedom for both children and adults, in balance with quality activities both on and outside of the site.

A contrast to everyday life

This philosophy helps creating contrast to everyday life, where experiences in and with nature plays a significant role.” “We can’t guarantee cheerfulness and life quality, but we promise that we have the best conditions for it” camp manager Ole Eskling

The world is getting smaller.

We travel abroad and want to experience the world – Se Mountains, deserts, deserted islands, white sandy beaches and volcanoes. It is like we think that out there in the world – there we can really experience the nature and natural phenomena that are really something. But actually we have a line of exciting natural phenomena here; right outside your front door … and Møns Klint is one of these here for eternal admiration.

Quote from DR2 Book “Danmarks Vidundere, Møns Klint.

Klintevej 544
DK-4791 Borre Møn
+45 5581 2025